The Health of Foreign Guests is Guaranteed

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The Health of Foreign Guests is Guaranteed

The Health of Foreign Guests is Guaranteed

Private Health Insurance for Foreigners, which is required by the law for foreign guests who are not Turkish citizens and come to Turkey to obtain a residence permit.

The Health of Foreign Healthy Guarantees

Comprehensive coverages for outpatient or inpatient treatments, doctor's examinations, medication costs and many health procedures are under the guarantee of

Advantageous Payment Options

Not only your health, but also your economy is under protection. Do not miss the opportunity of 9 installments in Private Health Insurance for Foreigners.

Contracted Institution Diversity

With the wide network of contracted institutions developed by for you, advantageous and economical healthcare transactions are everywhere.

Online Health Consulting

Video call opportunity in case of need with online specialist doctor, dietitian and psychologist service!

What's Safe, What's Included?

It's time to meet the Foreigners Private Health Insurance, which guarantees the health of foreign visitors during their stay in Turkey.


Inpatient Treatment

Expenses arising from inpatient treatments (minor surgical interventions, emergency medical aid) of Aksigorta within the limits and rates determined in all non-contracted health institutions and unlimited in contracted institutions are covered by the coverage.

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment expenses such as doctor's examination, analysis, x-ray, modern diagnosis, physical therapy are evaluated within the scope of insurance according to the determined limits.


Medication expenses are covered by the insurance for diseases included in the coverage in outpatient and inpatient treatment.


Free Service and Benefits

You can contact Service Center at 0553 465 1 800  to benefit from free services and advantages within the scope of Private Health Insurance for Foreigners.


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